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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    A virtual assistant is simply an assistant who works remotely. Our VAs are highly educated and carefully chosen through very rigorous selection process. All are fluent in English.
  • How many hours per month will I need?
    We can help you decide this during a consultation call. We understand it's difficult to be exact. That's why unused hours will roll over and if you need any extra time each month, we will simply add this to your package. You can also switch plans at any time.
  • How do I work with my VA?
    Most clients prefer to use a combination of email and phone calls to work with their VA, whereas others like to use Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype or a to-do list app like Wunderlist. If you prefer to work in a certain way, just let us know in your consultation call and we'll make sure you VA is happy to meet those requirements.
  • How do I see the time my VA logs each day?
    All Reemoote clients have their own log in credentials to our very own Task Portal. Here you'll be able to view a complete breakdown of all time logged by anyone.
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