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How to Prepare your Business for 2022

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

In light of the new year, The UK government has established to permanently detach from the European Union and become a full-fledged independent and autonomous country. New rules are being implemented and introduced within every sector in the community such as Trade, Marketing, and Travel, just to name a few.

As a small business owner, I can imagine how stressed you are given that the pandemic acts as a massive obstacle for your business.

Apart from all the chaos that’s happening, one good news was announced this January, the UK government rolled out an amelioration program to aid small businesses who suffered the massive impact of the pandemic during 2020. This financial aid will, hopefully, keep your business going during the second lockdown implemented in the UK this new year.

Furthermore, another good news for business owners, a supreme court ruling has been passed stating that small business owners should get payouts on their COVID-19 business interruption insurance claims.

The lockdown and the virus remain uncertain, and as a business owner, one should look towards the future and plan ahead to make sure that business will stay operational this 2021 and in the coming years.

Ecommerce is not the future. It’s the now.

virtual assistant UK

This is the perfect opportunity for you to take your enterprise out of the silos and jump into the online bandwagon. Investing in E-commerce has a plethora of opportunities and possibilities such as: transitioning from selling your product & services from local to a global scale!

So that maximises your sales. Moreover, you can eliminate the cost of rent, extra utility bills, minimise your labor cost and you get to work in your pj’s, all in the safety of your own home. There is a caveat to it though, not every online business found success overnight just because they created an online footprint. So, one must really work hard for it to be successful.

Here’s where Reemoote virtual assistants can help you.

The best move that one can partake in when starting an online business or maintaining an online business, apart from organisation and marketing strategies, is to have a well constructed social media plan.

Here at Reemoote, we can assist you with these challenges. And since we work remotely, our starting rate is £7 per hour. That’s the equivalent of 2 cuppas per day minus the stress of handling the back-end work of your business.

As mentioned before, E-commerce has a multitude of opportunities. You can operate around the clock while our Va’s handle the client support and generate profits while you sleep.

There are no geographical margins, Reemoote virtual assistants can increase traffic in your website, we offer social media management and content creation, so that’s another task off your list.

Our company can help you cultivate brand awareness as well. We can research your competitors and target clients with our experienced lead generation VA’s.

What is Lead Generation?

Basically, a lead is a potential client or customer who is interested in your product. Reemoote virtual assistants help you generate these clients by creating advertising and marketing campaigns via your social media platforms.

But what about your website? How can you make your website relevant and get on top of that Search engine? Well, Reemoote VA's can help your website become SEO-friendly.

Hiring a Va can be expensive at an initial glance, but if you factor in the positive impact to your long term goals, the outcome will be glorious. So have a look at our packages or contact us and let’s get the ball rolling!

We’re excited to work with you! Get informed about the new rules in the UK and how you can adjust to them by heading on to

Check if your business is eligible to apply for the following business grants by visiting:

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