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Myths Debunked about Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Here are some thoughts about the whole process of hiring a virtual assistant, including some misconceptions and myths debunked.

  • Virtual assistants are expensive and add unnecessary costs to the company.

There may be some truth to this, but it varies from the work that you want your VA to do. There are VA’s that commit to freelance work and there are agency-based VA’s. Reemoote offers flexible packages that your business can afford without breaking the bank.

  • Virtual assistants are miracle workers.

Like any other first time employee, VA’s need to go through an orientation despite their experience. They need to know what you want and how you want the outcome to be. Open a discussion platform with your VA and maybe they can pitch in some solutions as well. You may go through a rough patch in the beginning but as soon as you iron out the kinks and be open for deliberation, everything will go smoothly and you’ll be out of the woods in the long run.

  • Virtual assistants do not need training.

It is prevalent for every entrepreneur that a new colleague should go through training. This resounds with statement number 2, familiarize your VA with your business, regardless of their experience. It is best to be clear about how you operate. This will help your VA adjust to your standards.

  • Virtual assistants take too long to finish a task.

VA’s are more concerned with quality rather than quantity, given of course, what specific tasks that they have been assigned. They strive to aim for 100% customer satisfaction so that they will build and retain a good relationship with the client. Moreover, VA’s want to finish the task on time as well.

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