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The Birth of the New Shopping Era: E-Commerce

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Online shopping has become ever more lucrative in 2020, more and more business owners are moving their products online, making the digital market world a competitive playground. Thanks to Michael Aldrich, the father of e-commerce, Consumers can safely do an online transaction without exposing themselves to public places and this has been the norm since the start of 2020. Hopefully, this won’t be the new normal. Shout out to Jeff Bezos by the way for being the richest man..for now.

But at the moment, everyone will have to adjust to the imposed lockdowns and social distancing. And as a business owner, you will have to as well.

So! Let’s discuss how you can propel your business online & what platforms can you utilise to sell your products and services?

Social Media- This is the easiest way to showcase your product, it’s user-friendly and billions of people use Social media platforms every day. The famous one is, of course, Facebook. It’s easy to open an account, upload your products, and communicate via chat when performing a transaction. You can use the FB market and pay for FB advertisement to further reach out to every consumer within the platform. This is the stepping stone for every startup and small businesses.

E-commerce platforms: This is a step up from the Social Media platform and it adds a personal touch to your business, other than that, it exudes professionalism. Building a website nowadays is not as complicated as before, There are multiple website building platforms available online. You can easily drag and drop ready to use customisable templates during the website building process. One known E-com platform that is thriving nowadays is Shopify.

Another prominent Ecomm platform is Amazon, the reason why I mentioned this is that there’s a key difference between these two. Both are E-commerce platforms but Amazon is an online marketplace while the former is a specialized e-commerceplatform. In simplest terms, in Amazon, you’re hiring a booth in a public market with thousands of other merchants around you while Shopify lets you rent a unit in a building, so you get to paint and design it.

So that’s it. I hope this article has given you an idea of what platform to use so you can start gaining profit and get back in the game!

Here at Reemoote, we help entrepreneurs manage your social media platforms, grow your consumer reach, and build your Brand Awareness.

Contact us now! And let’s get your business moving!

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